A Pilgrim’s Prayer

Pilgrimage Prayer used by our Holy Land Tour Guide Peter Sabella

O Lord Jesus Christ, you simply said two words to the Apostle Peter, and he left everything behind him and followed you. From the very beginning he was open to the possibility of having his identity and faith challenged.

I too, O Lord want to follow you. I am also open to the possibility of having my identity and faith perceptions challenged. I have come to seek you. I want to walk with you, see you and hear your voice like the other disciples did. I surrender myself to you.

Write your Gospel in my heart, open my mind to receive your grace. Help me gain a new insight into my true self. Help me relieve my anxieties and frustrations when things don’t seem to go my way! Help me become a permanent pilgrim instead of a passing tourist!

Teach me the way to embrace my brothers and sisters on this pilgrimage and in this land with love, as you have embraced your cross with love.

Lord, I have left family and friends behind. I ask you to keep them in your care and grace. Grant them patience and peace of heart knowing that I am seeking a transformed spiritual relationship with you.

I am following in your footsteps, O Lord, hoping that the one who returns home will be a better person than the one who set out!


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  1. We used this at St George’s College in East Jerusalem for our class Palistine of Jesus.

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