See Jesus. Be Jesus.

Today we celebrate “The Epiphany of the Lord” which is one of the oldest Christian feasts. Epiphany comes from the Greek word meaning “to reveal”. If you have been reading the daily Mass readings this past week, you would have seen, all week, the revealing of Jesus. From John the Baptist, to the Apostles being called and told to “Follow Me” or “Come, and you will see”, to the Wedding Feast at Cana, to the Sunday readings about the arrival of the “Wise Men”.

This revealing, this epiphany, is not just something that happened 2,000 years ago, it is happening every day. Jesus shows His self to us every day of our lives.  Are you seeing Him?

Too often in our lives, we allow ourselves to be caught up in the busyness of life. We don’t have time to pray. We don’t have time to read the Bible. Things come up, we don’t have time to get to Mass. Most of us realize we need to make changes in our lives, and we often take the start of a new year to resolve to make changes. While many makes resolutions about health, we Christians will often make spiritual resolutions. We are going to pray every day. We are going to read the Bible. We are going to get to Mass not just on the Sunday, but also once or twice to daily Mass, every week.

Making these changes in our lives are good things, we need to change the areas of our lives we know we are struggling with. But, like the rest of our lives, we may find we overcommit, we are going to do all these things because they all need doing, and in the end, we fail to achieve any of our resolutions because change is hard. Maybe, we don’t even make resolutions, because we know we will fail.

Perhaps the change we need to make in our lives, is to focus on something smaller, something easier. When someone tells you “good morning”, imagine it is Jesus telling you “good morning”. When you encounter someone at the store, at work, in school or even just on the street, and they smile or wave to you, imagine it is Jesus smiling or waving at you. As you are traveling to work, school, or anywhere else, imagine Jesus is the other vehicles’ driver.

Now, this will take us a while, because this is a change, to remember to see Jesus in all these situations. But, as you continue to do these things, to see Jesus in everyone you encounter and everywhere you are, you will begin to change. You will find yourself being the one giving a cheerful “Good Morning” to everyone you encounter. You will start to smile and wave at others because you are more joyful. You will start to see Jesus everywhere you are and go. And you will find yourself, praying, reading the Bible and getting to Mass more often. All of these changes will happen, because Jesus has revealed himself to you. And you will start to be Jesus, to all those you encounter.

See Jesus. Be Jesus.

Published: January 8, 2017, Bulletin Cover, Our Lady of the Black Hills

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