That is how many minutes are in every day. That is how much time we have every day. You can’t save it up. So how you spend you 1,440 minutes every day is important. It is important because at some point, you will no longer have time. So spend your time wisely.

What prompted me to write this brief thought to day is the article Saving Time of Catholic365.com. It talks about various ways we “save time” but also reveals the truth, we can’t.

“… let us take each and every moment of the present and make sure we are PRESENT.  To each other, to our own inner self, and stay connected to the One who will enable us to live each second the way we hope and yearn for.”

A couple of questions we might ask ourselves, when we are doing something, is “Why?” Or maybe a better question we should consider, “Is this the best thing I can be doing right now?”

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